Levels of care offered:

Level of Care Price
Level of Care 2 $325.00 per month
Level of Care 3 $625.00 per month
Level of Care 4 $825.00 per month
Level of Care 5 $1025.00 per month


Services & Amenities

Service/Amenity Price
Medical Monitoring/Medication Supervision/with affiliated pharmacy $150 per month
Medical Monitoring/Medication Supervision/with local pharmacy $170 per month
Fill pill box only $75.00 per month
Injections/Blood Sugar Analysis 1 time per day $1.50
2 times per day $3.00
3 times per day $4.50
Lab Work $8.00 - $10.00
Dressing Changes $3.00 - $10.00
Transportation (local drop-offs &/or pick-up) $10.00 per visit/drop off/pick up only
With assistance $15.00
(Out of Town or Attended) $30.00 per hour
Tray Delivery to Room $3.00 per instance
Visitor Meals (breakfast) $3.00 per meal
(lunch) $6.50 per meal
(supper) $7.50 per meal
* 6% sales tax added to all meals *


Service/Amenity Price
Personal Laundry (2 times per week) $75.00 per month
(increased frequency) $85.00 per month
*The laundering of linens is included in the apartment rate.*


Service/Amenity Price
Beauty/Barber Services Posted
Toe Nail Care by Nurse $20.00 per time
Fingernail Care by Nurse $5.00 per time
Memory Care $285.00 per month
Companion Fee $1,495.00


At the time of move-in a $2,000.00 Commons Fee is collected.  This fee is paid only once.

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